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Vietnam to have strongest growth in ASEAN region

Đăng bởi NHAT NHAT NAM | 06/09/2018 | 0 bình luận

The Southeast Asian country will continue to outperform its regional peers given its “robust manufacturing activity and strong foreign direct investment flows”, said U.S.-based credit rating agency Moody's in a recent announcement. Vietnam is forecast...

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Vietnam’s textile industry to slash imports of raw materials

Đăng bởi NHAT NHAT NAM | 06/09/2018 | 0 bình luận

Vietnam's textile industry is pledging to increase the supply of raw material to garment makers the country's second biggest export earner. In 2014, Vietnam only produced enough fabric to meet a fifth of the industry's requirements, meaning...

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Vietnam's textiles: Low productivity could eat up TPP benefits

Đăng bởi NHAT NHAT NAM | 06/09/2018 | 0 bình luận

Vietnam’s textile and garment exports can be optimistic about its perspective when The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) comes in to effect in 2018. However, to seize opportunities from the TPP and other new generation free trade agreements, textile firms need...

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