Manufacturing woven fabrics

Nhat Nhat Nam supplies more than 27.6 million meters of finished fabric to the domestic market.

Distribution to wholesale fabric market

Fabric products Nhat Nhat Nam Currently, it is widely covered by large cloth markets in provinces and cities such as Soai Kinh Lam market, Tan Binh market, Ninh Hiep market, Dong Xuan market...

Distribution to garment and apparel enterprises

Nhat Nhat Nam is currently a strategic partner specializing in supplying finished fabrics for many large garment companies such as Carmel Clothing, SunCorona ODA, Song Hong Garment Joint Stock Company


We commit that:
➞ High quality fabric, good hand feel, no fade, ruffle and defects.
➞ Diverse design with a variety of weaving styles from basic to fashion
➞ Large quantity supply and extremely competitive prices.

Product Category


With the motto of putting sustainable development first, Nhat Nhat Nam constantly improving and providing the market with safe and friendly products for human health. Product Nhat Nhat Nam get certifications

More than 20 years of experience in the textile industry

Nhat Nhat Nam is built on the foundation of Innovation and Ascension in colors. Our expertise lies in handling versatility, complexity, wide color range. With today's technology we can provide accurate color variety according to Pantone standard color palette, as well as precise color luster according to customer's request. Excellence in craftsmanship, advanced technology, innovative concepts we are committed to providing the best finishes on the market.

We prioritize sustainable value

For us, sustainability is not just a seasonal marketing term that we apply to our work without value. We are actively innovating the way in which we operate our company towards a transparent and ethical production model.

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International markets

For many years, Nhat Nhat Nam has reaffirmed its leading position in domestic and international markets. Currently, Nhat Nhat Nam is a production unit for famous brands in the world.

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