We aim to become a pioneer distributor of greiges and finishing fabrics for the domestic and international markets. Focusing on providing the best value of products not only for customers, but also for the environment and the society. We are driving towards sustainable consumption by way of creating a healthy working in both mental and physical plan, of building products to last. Since then, the high-quality Vietnamese brand, Nhat Nhat Nam, which integrates into the global market, would be widely recognized.

"Our goal is to become the pioneer in the textile industry."

NHAT NHAT NAM  has already concentrated financially and professionalized these following activities:

  • Manufacturing woven fabrics
  • Finishing textile products
  • Expanding business in fashion fabrics, uniforms, and garments
  • Trading textile production units: fabrics, yarns, machinery, equipment, and related materials.


We pay particular attention to three fundamental pillars of Sustainable Development. Our business orientation is taken into account the socioeconomic, and environmental aspects, in order to inspire the community with general goals.

Bringing great benefits to the working member community Nhat Nhat Nam.

To create a healthy working environment where every individual is appreciated, valued, and encouraged to be inventive.

Core values

We prioritize sustainable value

For us, sustainability is not just a seasonal marketing term that we apply to our work without value. We are actively innovating the way in which we operate our company towards a transparent and ethical production model.

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