Nhat Nhat Nam's Story


In 1996, Nhat Nhat Nam Private Enterprise have been established and operated in textile-dyeing industry. At the moment, our small-scale production with only 1 RW machine, 4 dyeing machines and 1 stenter machine permitted a modest performance, which is less than 5 million meters fabric per year.


Nhat Nhat Nam Private Enterprise officially decided to change the type of business, from CIT converted to Co., Ltd Nhat Nhat Nam with the mission of reaching out to bring Vietnamese brands to the world.


From ours origin, we has steadily invested in new machinery and developed novel products to meet the global market demand. As a result of these efforts, in 2008, Nhat Nhat Nam expanded the mill area to 10000m2, built and invested a comprehensive production system.


Fabric products of Nhat Nhat Nam Customers appreciate both design and quality. In order to promptly meet the needs of customers, in April 2015, the Company has gradually invested in modernizing technology. Currently, most of the machinery and equipment in the dyeing and finishing stages use Japanese and Korean technology.


With the determination to improve labor productivity, improve technology, up to now, Nhat Nhat Nam successfully systematize each production process, standardize the quantity and quality of products to be able to supply more than 30 million meters/year to the market.


Established with the mission of serving customers with the best products and services. Nhat Nhat Nam has chosen for himself the way to get top quality and prestige.

As an enterprise operating in the field of textile and garment, with a team of good, experienced and human staff Nhat Nhat Nam always cultivated, cultivated and aware of the mission of serving our customers. “Customer care is survival and development” has been the mouth of every man Nhat Nhat Nam

In the coming time, Vietnam will continue to strongly participate and integrate with the world in all aspects. Many opportunities and challenges are waiting for us ahead. Nhat Nhat Nam will also constantly listen to goodwill suggestions, as well as serious criticisms to strive to improve product quality, enhance competitiveness, improve production processes, and improve quality. quantity of products according to the motto: “Never stop learning, creating”.

Nhat Nhat Nam always appreciate the fundamental value for development, which is the opportunity to cooperate with customers. We believe that the spirit of solidarity, strength and support of customers will be the driving force to help Nhat Nhat Nam I'm sure you'll get a lot of success in the future.

Nhat Nhat Nam work hard!

People of Nhat Nhat Nam are the Company's most valuable asset – they are problem solvers and always find opportunities in challenges.