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Nhat Nhat Nam Textile

Nhat Nhat Nam Import-Export Trading and Service Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. We were born with the mission of providing customers with the greatest products and services. With more than 25 years of experience, Nhat Nhat Nam always prioritize the quality and reputation for our development

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Business activities

As an enterprise operating in the textile industry, Nhat Nhat Nam is proud that we are one of the main suppliers of fabric products in 20 provinces in Viet Nam and more than 16 foreign countries. With our customers, we live these values: "The development of our customers is ours"

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Constant innovation and modernization of technolody is one the fundamental values of our development. Currently, we apply most of modern Japanese and Korean technology to every stage of our production. Therefore, Nhat Nhat Nam believed our ability to grasp the fashion trend and provide high quality fashion fabric products.


Leading and constantly developing in polyester fabric quality


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During development, Nhat Nhat Nam We do not pursue profit maximization but at the same time we always pursue the value of sustainability in business. For us, “Sustainable Value” not just a seasonal marketing term we apply to our work without merit. LIVE Nhat Nhat Nam, we aim to make sustainability part of our culture and incorporate it into our decision making so that everyone works towards a common goal.

Vision and Mission

In world integrations, Nhat Nhat Nam always demonstrates our motto "Constantly learning and innovating" by constantly improving product quality and enterprise competitiveness to elevate Nhat Nhat Nam's name in the world market. Nhat Nhat Nam also does not forget our mission to build a transparent, friendly working environment full of material and spiritual values.


With over 25 years of experience, Nhat Nhat Nam still constantly striving to grow stronger in the road ahead



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Million meters fabric/year